Photo of C.B. Kern THE CARL B. KERN FUND
of The Dayton Foundation

established 1987

500 Kettering Tower     Dayton, OH 45423     (937) 222-0410     (877) 222-0410     FAX: (937) 222-0636

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Established - Nov 1987

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Background and Historical Information on Carl B. Kern

  • The Kern Family in Germantown, Ohio
  • Arrival of Carl B. Kern - three articles from the Dayton newspapers in 1909 announcing the arrival of Mr. Kern to the Dayton Y.M.C.A., including one which incorrectly introduces him as Charles Kern.

June 1st, 1917 Letter to 14-Year-Old Robert C. Neff

The Accident

1917 Carl B. Kern Tribute Pamphlet

June 7th, 1917 Poughkeepsie NY Article on Kern's Accident