Photo of C.B. Kern THE CARL B. KERN FUND
of The Dayton Foundation

established 1987

40 N. Main Street, Suite 500     Dayton, OH 45423     (937) 222-0410     (877) 222-0410     FAX: (937) 222-0636

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Established - Nov 1987

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<==     46 Gift(s) in 1995 Totaling $ 4,649     ==>
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as of July 17th, 2018. .

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Antrim Donation
Anonymous Donation
Bill Benysh Donation
A. Rodney Boren Donation
Barbara and Harry Bradbury Donation
Philip C. Burckle Donation
Clifford M. Carey Donation in memory of...Joseph J. Carey
Anonymous Donation in memory of...Joseph J. Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Creager Donation
Kevin T. Davis Donation
Amy and Paul DiMario Donation
Sereana, Eric, and Megan Dresbach Donation
Michael T. Engel Donation
J. Martin Erbaugh Donation in honor of...Jack Singerman
Mae Gailani Donation
Mary Kay Graf Donation
James M. Hoffman Donation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kreusch Donation
Ann M. Loeffler Donation
Tom and Cheryl Majewski Donation in memory of...Teddy Alvero
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Martin Donation in memory of...Charles S. Martin
Jerry L. L. Miller Donation in memory of...Bill Young
Betsy Mitchell Donation
John E. Neff Donation in memory of...Robert C. Neff
Michael M. Parks Donation
Robert M. Pool Donation
Mr. Harold H. Prugh Donation
Greg and Collette Ramm Donation in honor of...Stuart Weinberg
James D. Roehm Donation in memory of...Ralph D. Roehm
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Salisbury Donation in memory of...Bill Young
Mary Kuhn Sigel Donation in honor of...George E. and Vera P. Kuhn
Mary Kuhn Sigel Donation in memory of...William H and Beulah Kern Kuhn
R. J. Simonds, MD Donation
Lee Skarha Donation
Julie A. Spangler Donation
Tom Spiegel Donation in memory of...Kathy Long
William Spohn, M.D. Donation
Michael J. Sterzer Donation
Walter G. Sterzer Donation
Anonymous Donation
Matthew Sutton Donation
Tom Sydnor Donation
Richard and Muriel Trowbridge Donation in honor of...Anne, Max, and Stuart Weinberg
Dr. Richard C. Warner Donation
Stuart and Anne Weinberg Donation
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Weisman Donation